Tube Standard-Off Road Fab Kit

Tube Standard-Off Road Fab Kit

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This kit includes one each of the following, 1" Tube Standard, 1.5" Tube Standard, 1.75" Tube Standard, 2" Tube Standard, and an iGaging block.

(The angle cube itself is not included in the kit)

We have used this angle cube -->iGaging Angle Cube

And have had customers use this one -->Intercomp Angle Gauge


    What is a Tube Standard and how can I use it? A Tube Standard is a handy tool to have in your box. It has several features that allow you to mark, index, and setup for several different tasks. Some of the many uses are:

    -3d Printed from PETG.

    -Be able to quickly draw a line around the circumference of the tube, this is handy for marking starts of bends, centerlines between bends, or mating points of other tubes.

    -There are indentions every 5 degrees along the bottom.

    -There are four cutouts around the circumference of the tool to allow marking perpendicular lines every 90 degrees.

    -The miter end allows marking of a 45 degree cut, handy if you dont have the means to set your cutting device to 45 degrees.

    -Along the miter end are indentions every 45 degrees.

    -One of the key features is being able to line up a mitered end to a bend, at vertually any degree from the miter. Very handy for cutting your tube to size with miters on both ends and then bending. Or use it the other way to mark your miters after bending.

    -The flats allow for easy leveling of the tube via either eyecrometer or using a angle cube or other degree finder to rotate the tube to a give degree.

    -Knob allows for easy and quick securing of the tool to the tube.

    -Currently only have blocks for the iGaging angle cube, but they can be mounted to any of the four flat sides.

    We are sure there are other uses for the Tube Standards, let us know of your favorite use.


    Being that these are 3d printed items it is hard for Us to offer a lifetime warranty. But if something happens within the first 30 days related to printing defect that renders the product nonusable we will replace that item.


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