Link Measurer Kit

Link Measurer Kit

This includes all 3 sizes of our Link Measurers (13/16",15/16",1 1/8")


    These little Link Measurers are really handy when you are trying to square up a link suspension. They can be placed on the head of the bolt, a tape measure end can click into the rotating cap and a measurment can be taken against the fixed cap. Setting up the links on the bench? Drop a bolt through the joint and use these to make sure the links are the same size. All Link Measurers are 3d printed from PETG material.


    Being that these are 3d printed items it is hard for Us to offer a lifetime warranty. But if something happens within the first 30 days related to printing defect that renders the product nonusable we will replace that item.


    All items shipped with in the USA via USPS