Tool Holder

Tool Holder

SKU: 15/16lm

Need somewhere to keep your Link Measurers or Tube Standards? Just placing the Link Measurers or Tube Standards in your tool box will allow them to roll around when closing or opening the doors. With our tool holders you can make sure the tools are right where you need them, when you need them.


*The LM Holder will hold 6 pieces, so only 1 holder is needed for a kit.

*The TS Holder holds only 1 Tube Standard. If you bought the Off Road kit of Tube Standards you will need to buy 4 TS Holders.


    All Tool Holders are printed from PLA. This is a less heat resistant material then our Tube Standards or Link Measurers as these should end up in your tool box and not be in hot situations.


    Being that these are 3d printed items it is hard for Us to offer a lifetime warranty. But if something happens within the first 30 days related to printing defect that renders the product nonusable we will replace that item.


    All items shipped with in the USA via USPS